3 Tips to Save Money Fast


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Not everyone can live like celebrities and have all the spending money to buy the things that they need.

Some people need to stick to a budget and plan their expenditures just so they can have something left over for savings and emergencies.

The most effective way to save money fast is to cut costs and find extra ways to earn more. To clue you in on how to save money fast, here are 3 tips to help you get started.

Tip #1 – Buy essential household items in generic brands – Buy generic brands of basic household needs like toilet paper, cleaning products, toiletries and the like.

Generic brands can do the same job at the fraction of the cost of branded household items. For some generic brands, you can hardly tell the difference from a branded item.

Buying these generic brands in bulk can also add to your savings. If you do not have space to store these bulk items, consider shopping with a friend and splitting the bulk cost and the gas.

Tip #2 – Make your meal – A sandwich that you make on your own at home costs less than a gourmet sandwich bought from a local deli.

For the same cost as the local deli sandwich, you can make 2-3 more sandwiches that other members of your household can take with them for their lunch.

Brewing your coffee and bringing it in an insulated to-go thermos can also save you a lot of money versus buying it from a local coffee shop. You also save the environment by not using the disposable cup that comes with the coffee bought from the coffee shop.

Tip #3 – Cut back on your bills – Do you need that high-speed internet, cable TV, and monthly movie subscription all at the same time?

All movies and TV shows can now be streamed online so you might not need that cable TV and monthly movie subscription anymore.

Consider also how you and the members of your household use these items. Chances are, they use the internet more frequently than the TV so have a look into that too.

Unplug your household appliances when they are not in use and not just put them on standby. Putting them on standby or even hibernate state still uses up energy and can add up to your bills.

Aside from saving money fast, you might want to think of ways to earn additional money without actually taking on a second or third job.

Look for things in the house that you rarely use and sell them.

One person’s trash may be another person’s treasure. These money-saving tips can save you a lot of money in the long run.

5 Tips for Saving Power (and Money) Cooling Your Home in Summer


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  • Tip #1: Use ceiling fans

It is expensive to use air-conditioning units all the time to make your home cooler during summer. Use ceiling fans instead when it is not scorching hot. The former uses 50 times more power than the latter so you get to save a lot.

  • Tip #2: Know when to open and close your windows and doors to cool your home

It is best to open windows and doors first thing in the morning to bring the cold morning air in. Close them when temperatures outside and inside your home are about the same. Open them again to allow the cool evening breeze in.


  • Tip #3: Use your appliances wisely

When you run appliances for chores that use moisture — like the washer and dryer or the dishwasher — you also heat up your house and jack up your electric bill.

It is better to do these chores early in the morning or late at night so you reduce their effect on your electric bill.

Consider the following tips to conserve energy:

  1. Use the cold or warm water setting to wash your clothes. Rinse with cold water.
  2. Use the clothesline to dry your clothes whenever possible.
  3. Wait until you have a full load before you use the dryer.
  4. Run your dishwasher only if you have a full load. Instead of using the dry cycle, conserve energy by air-drying the washed dishes.

Operate swimming pool cleaning sweeps and filters between four to five hours only. Make sure that you use them during non-peak hours.

  • Tip #4: Do not waste energy

Immediately switch off your air-conditioning unit and electric fans after you use them.

Do the same with your lights, appliances, and other equipment. Many newer models of household appliances continue to use power even when you turn them off.

Switch off printers and computers directly from the power strip. See to it that chargers and electronic equipment are unplugged when you are not using them.

  • Tip #5: Use your air-conditioning units judiciously

When you are staying home, keep your thermostat at about 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn it up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit when nobody is home.

Have a programmable thermostat installed. You can set it so the temperature inside the house increases between 5 to 10 degrees when you leave home and returns to a cooler level an hour before you are scheduled to come home.

Clean or replace air filters every month. Filthy air filters make a unit work harder and use more power.

Get a cooling system which is just right for the size of your home. If you get one that is too big, you will be paying increased operating costs needlessly.