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PeniMaster PRO Review

PeniMaster PRO is a cap-like medical device that is fitted to the glans (otherwise known as the head of the penis). It is used with other pulling mechanisms such as rods or belts in order to elongate the penis.

  • It is recommended as a therapeutic medium for disorders like Peyronie’s disease. It can also be applied for the cosmetic adjustment of very small penises.
  • It is convenient to use for any penis size whether circumcised or uncircumcised. It features a self-adapting biofunctional design which does not deform the glans and distributes the pulling force along the length of the penis.
  • Other than elongation, long-term use may lead to enlargement, thickening, and straightening of the penis. It can also enlarge and shape the glans. Therapeutically, it alleviates premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  • It is a non-invasive procedure offering good results.

How Does PeniMaster PRO Work?

PeniMasterPRO is a modular system that consists of three parts: the basic device, rod expander, and belt expander.

  1. PeniMaster PRO serves as the fixing unit where the pulling forces are applied. The glans is wrapped in an anatomically shaped hollow chamber. At its base is a latex diaphragm where the head of the penis is inserted using a manually controlled suction ball. Because of the diaphragm’s elasticity, it is adaptable to any penis/glans size regardless of the capacity to remain erect. The tension in the diaphragm due to the vacuum results in a “positive-locking connection” which ensures that the PeniMasterPro does not slip in the presence of grease or moisture or when the penis becomes flaccid. The product also comes with a gliding oil to maintain the adhesion of the diaphragm to the glans.
  1. The rod expander system is connected to the PeniMaster PRO for the purpose of elongating the penis. It is composed of a ring with two rods that run parallel to the length of the organ. The base ring is pressed against the pubic bone to keep the system in place. Along the rods are threaded screws that allow the adjustment of the pulling force. The rods have rotary joints at the base so that the penis can easily move upward or downward. The expander system simulates the penis’ erect position, allowing it to grow axially. An added advantage to this device is that it can be worn discreetly under clothing.
  1. A belt expander can be alternatively fastened to the PeniMaster PRO. It is attached to the basic device using a coupling socket. The belt can be worn around the hips, across the shoulders, or around the knees. These wearing options allow for more flexibility in movement and desired outcome. The hip belt has a stronger pulling force on the penis and better suited for correcting curvature. It is only a matter of placing the pulling force in the opposite direction of the curve. On the other hand, wearing the belt across the shoulders offers an upward pulling force similar to the expander rod. The opposite occurs when the belt is worn by the knees with the force now pulling downwards. Unlike the other two configurations, the knee belt offers dynamic elongation as the penis is being stretched and compressed with every stride of the leg. The belt can also be unnoticeably worn underneath clothing.

Benefits & Cons of the PeniMaster PRO

If you want to try PeniMasterPRO for yourself, read the following pros and cons.


  • Long-term use improves the length of the erect and relaxed penis.
  • It stimulates the growth of new tissue, thereby increasing the penis’ thickness.
  • It is effective in correcting curvature of the penis that is inherited or acquired from disorders like Peyronie’s disease.
  • Noticeable enlargement of the glans may be observed within several months of use due to its continuous enclosure and resistance to pulling forces.
  • It efficiently counteracts the penis retraction process caused by old age, weight gain, prostate removal, and operations performed on the penis’ shaft.
  • By subjecting the penis to constant contact with a machine, sensory conditioning of the brain is achieved, preventing cases of premature ejaculation.
  • Erectile dysfunctions are alleviated because the tissue is trained to elongate and blood flow through the organ is encouraged.


  • This device does not come cheap. Buying the complete set will cost around $320. Nevertheless, the returns are promising.
  • Slight irritations of the skin may be experienced when wearing the belt.
  • If excessive pulling force is applied, the glans may possibly turn blue as an indication of pain or numbness. In such cases, application should be stopped until the symptoms subside.
  • The vacuuming force exerted on the glans may result in temporary redness, though this will eventually normalize once the device is removed.
  • Results vary among individuals depending on the consistency of use and physiological suitability. Some men may only experience slight elongation unequal to their expectations.


Penis size matters to most men (and women), which is why there is a constant clamor for treatments promising penis elongation and enlargement.

PeniMaster PRO is an ingenious device designed to provide a non-invasive therapy promising a longer, thicker, and straighter penis. It is relatively simple to apply within the comfort of your home.

Generally, the treatment is hassle-free and it can even be done while engaging in other activities since the expander systems can be worn discreetly under your clothes.

The mechanism is safe and engineered to provide convenience and comfort. PeniMaster PRO is indeed a fine investment for all men.

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